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    How to decorate ceramics with acrylic paint

    Have you ever sealed or painted a piece of art only to discover that it does not seem quite right? Or do you lack the materials necessary to glaze and fire your ceramic artwork? I got an email recently from a nice lady called Mary inquiring about cold techniques on clay. Additionally, for those unfamiliar with the word, cold processes are a really sophisticated way of describing acrylic paint. Additionally, I refer to cold procedures as “room temperature glazes.” Fortunately, Christine Federighi was one of my first creative inspirations and teachers. Chris was a gifted artist and painter, but she was not a purist. She used acrylic paint and oil…

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  • Acrylic Paint

    Beginner tips on acrylic paint

    Acrylic paint is very flexible, simple to work with, and the ideal introduction to painting for anybody new to the medium. Having been formed in the early twentieth century, it is, in some respects, the infant of the art world (historically speaking). And, like all newcomers, it has encountered some resistance. It is often overlooked by experts and amateurs in favor of centuries-old oil paint. This is unfortunate since it is a reasonably affordable procedure that can be performed quickly – although with caution – at home. Additionally, it’s an excellent alternative for older youngsters looking to go from poster paints to something more serious. Visit to check more…

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    Are ‘Open’ Acrylic paint Worth It?

    Artist acrylic paint is available in a broad variety of colors on today’s market. Making the decision on which acrylic paint to purchase might be difficult for a beginner painter. Here are some suggestions to assist you to select what to purchase, as well as some information on the composition of acrylic paint. In light of my previous experience as an acrylic painter, most of this article will be devoted to acrylic paint; nonetheless, the essential ideas apply to all media. Acrylic paint is well-known for its ability to dry quickly in the traditional meaning of the word (often within minutes). Other collections, such as Golden Open and Artelier Interactive,…

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