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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

Instant cameras are associated with old times. These devices were popularly used many years before digital cameras and smart phones entered the market. The photos delivered by instant cameras are not usually perfect as they use analog technology. For the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, the manufacturer did a lot to improve the quality of pictures, and many users have taken note.

There are many other reasons why people like this camera. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review aims at covering the product in detail and providing useful recommendations to photographers.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

General Specifications

The camera is thoroughly designed to improve user experience and to improve their photography. These are the general specifications of the product:

Type: Analog instant camera
ISO: 800
Shutter Speed: 1/60 seconds
Continuous Shooting Rate: N/A
Size: 4.7 by 4.6 by 2.7 inches
Weight: 10.8 ounces
Media Storage: Not available, external storage is not supported
Pricing Options:

  • Price in Canon Store: Not available
  • New on Amazon: $61.99
  • Used: $49.99
  • Refurbished: $54.95

The camera works with Fuji Instax film and each film can give 10 pictures. The film has to be purchased separately. Your original purchase will include two AA batteries. When you need to buy extra batteries, make sure you go for Polaroid AA batteries as these work best with the camera.

Key Features

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera operates like many traditional devices in this category. It, however, takes clearer pictures as the manufacturer has added many extra features. A key feature is the automatic brightness setting suggestions. Instead of fiddling and guessing, the camera will actively suggest a brightness setting by flashing a light over it. Another great feature is the autofocus. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review has found that the gadget will automatically focus on the object you intend to take a picture of.

The device takes full-color photos that are much softer and sharper that what older instant cameras deliver. With it, you can also choose a variety of borders. These help to influence the overall look of the photos.

Image Quality and Performance

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera is a step up from the Mini 7. As you have seen in this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review, one of the most important improvements made to this device is the addition of an automatic scene setting. The camera will suggest to you an ideal setting for the scene you are taking. The chosen setting will light up and you can then adjust the brightness. The camera has four brightness settings. These are indoors, cloudy, sunny/slightly cloudy, and sunny/ bright.

In addition to color adjustment, you will be able to set the contrast using the High Key setting. These improvements have made the images a lot softer in this camera. Users have also appreciated the quality of the images.

The camera uses films that can take 10 pictures at a time. You can check the back of the device to see how many pictures are left in a given film as it usually counts down. When taking pictures, you can use the viewfinder to get an approximation of what the image will look like. This is not always very accurate but will give you a rough idea. It is important to always set the brightness and exposure correctly before taking photos as those will greatly determine the quality of your photography.

Design and Controls

We should start off this section of our Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review with the fact that the camera is small. Compared to many other similar devices, it is very light, even with the battery included. The camera comes in a wide variety of colors to suit different types of photographers.

Using the camera is quite easy. It is a point and shoot device. The camera will focus automatically before you can take the picture. It is turned on using the button next to the lenses. This will extend the barrel to its shooting position. When taking photos, one of the camera’s brightness settings will light up as a suggestion on the best setting. Additionally, you can set the exposure using the dial surrounding the lens. You can also turn on the High Key mode if you intend to overexpose images. There is no way of turning off the flash.

The camera uses a 60mm lens. Its field of view is smaller than what you would get in most digital cameras. Most smartphones even have wider angles. That said, you can always upgrade your choice of camera if you wish to use a device with a larger field of view.

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  • The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 takes soft and clear pictures.
  • It will suggest the best brightness setting for your scene, therefore, making your decision-making process easier.
  • It offers an option to overexpose images, and this helps to increase the image softness.
  • It is small and light. This makes it easy to carry around when traveling.
  • The camera is generally easy to use.
  • You can use many different borders for your photos.
  • It counts down the remaining photos in each film, and this allows you to plan accordingly.


  • The films can only take 10 pictures. This makes it inconvenient.
  • It is expensive to take photos since the films are expensive.
  • It takes a while for people to learn how to take good pictures. Since you cannot preview the images before printing, you will end up wasting a lot of film. Consequently, a lot of your money will be wasted.
  • It uses batteries.
  • It cannot be used to take selfies. If you turn it to take a picture of yourself, you will have to hold the camera at arm’s length. Even then, the pictures are unlikely to be clear.
  • The small angle lens of this camera will also be a problem if you intend to take selfies with friends. A lens with a larger field of view would be ideal for such cases.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 device is a cheap entry level instant camera. It is best suited for people who want to enjoy the experience of instant photography without spending a lot of money. As you have seen in this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review, you can get the camera for a lot less than $100. While it cannot be described as a basic device, it is still not the best-designed instant camera on the market.

This camera can work perfectly for professional photography, although users would have to spend some time learning how to use it. Many people use it to take photos in professional events. Also, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 can be used for casual photography in less serious events. Photographers enjoy giving out photos at such occasions.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera is a well-made device that you can use to enter the world of instant photography. It is cheaply-priced in comparison to other similar devices. Although it has its disadvantages, only a few cameras on the market are able to match the value offered by this product. Since the camera comes in lots of different colors, you can get one as a gift for a loved one.

We hope you enjoyed this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 review. If you have thoughts or questions on the camera, please post them in the comment section below and we shall respond promptly.