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The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a top notch mirrorless rangefinder camera that succeeds the first Fujifilm’s X-mount camera, the X-Pro1. The camera brags of a 24-megapixel with an APS c sensor together with other ground-breaking features that are unmatched in the mirrorless camera class. The camera has been improved significantly to a more user-friendly and powerful photography tool.

Based on its lens, it is best suited for enthusiasts, semi-pros, and even some professionals. Therefore, we will go straight to the Fujifilm X-Pro2 review to show you its flagship features in case you are in need of a new camera.


Could this viewfinder camera be the leader of the mirrorless compact cameras in its line? We can only confirm that by looking into its specs and capabilities.

Type: Rangefinder mirrorless AF camera
Resolution: 24 Megapixels with CMOS iii sensor APS-C-size
Native ISO: 200-12800
Extended ISO: 100-51200
Shutter Speed: 30 sec minimum, 1/8000 seconds maximum with 1/250 seconds flash sync
Continuous Shooting Speed: 8.0 frames per second
Size: 141 mm x 83 mm x 56 mm (5.55 in. x 3.27 in. x 2.2 in.)
Weight: 495 grams, 1.09lb or 17.46 oz.
Media Storage: supports SD card (2 slots), SDHC (up to 32GB) or SDXC (up to 256GB)

Pricing Options:

• Price in Fujifilm Store: $1549.00
• New on Amazon: $1549.00 free shipping
• On Sale: from $1300.00
• Used: $1329.00 plus $6.49 shipping fee
• Refurbished: $1480.00
• Kit Options: $1871.99 body plus Fujinon xf 35mm lens and batteries

Amazon will always give you the best prices for new cameras, used ones, and other accessories. Therefore, you can visit their store here for the fujifilm x-pro2.



The X-Pro cameras from Fujifilm features a retro-modern look that gives them great aesthetics as well as better handling. However, we are going to go deeper than just its looks to find out the real stuff behind its magnesium alloy body. At its core is the 24mp x-trans CMOS iii sensor that features a 273-phase detection autofocus points. This is so far the best resolution ever produced by the Fujifilm.

The camera is also integrated with a much faster image processor and a new focal plane shutter of 150k actuation. It has a high mechanical speed of 1/250 second flash sync. In addition to that, you will love the electronic shutter option that makes it capable of high speeds of up to 1/32000 seconds. The resolution of the LCD has been improved. Its continuous shooting speed can go up to 8fps besides its ability to shoot videos at HD 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Some of the new features that make it stand out from the rest include ‘ACROS’ mono-film simulation, inbuilt Wi-Fi, uncompressed or lossless RAW file options and a new hybrid viewfinder. The X-processor pro on which this camera runs is responsible for its unmatched processor speeds as well as low-light performance.


The Fujifilm X-Pro2 resolves finer images than its sister the XT1. At the same time, it performs wonderfully with its color filter array, eliminating moiré without having to use the low pass filter. The X-pro 2 maintains crispy images and gives you the finest of detail in its pictures. You will love the results if you are a fujifilm fan. It allows you to provide larger images and zoom options without distortion in the image quality.

With the aid of the X-trans 2 feature, this camera allows you to output 2 inches taller and 3 inches wider than its sister cameras. The 273-point hybrid autofocus system in the x-pro2 enables you to gain focus quickly and precisely. In case you want to take a picture of a mobile object, the 77 phase detection point of the camera will come in quite handy. The focus points cover forty percent of the imaging area offering a larger compositional freedom without weighing down on its autofocus performance. Checkout quality metrics for fused Image on


The ISO performance on this gadget is also great. At low ISO such as ISO 200, it provides detail in raw files and JPEG images. As compared to the X T1 which shows objects slightly smaller at the same ISO, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a beast. The optical viewfinder outputs clear surreal view of the target contributing to better composition and tracking. The EVF on the other hand mimics the operation of the mechanical rangefinder for an easier focus.


The design of this camera features a durable weather resistant body crafted off of magnesium alloy material. It also has weather sealing feature against dust, moisture and cold making it adaptable to usage in harsh weather conditions. We also found that it supports a 3-inch 1,62m-dot rear LCD for a crystal view when shooting. It has an excellent menu navigation and image playback as well.

Fujifilm x-pro2 has the capability to sort images quickly and in a flexible manner with the help of the two memory card slots. There are controls on the top plate that include aluminum dials for exposure adjustment, shutter speed dial, and the shutter speed control. It also contains the ISO dial that enables you to confirm the sensitivity without having to turn on the camera.

X-pro2 contains a front and back command buttons which allow the setting of other six functions. There is a dedicated focus lever that gives you an automatic control over particular focus points when shooting. Its GUI has been updated with a My Menu option from where you get 16 controls. The Q menu which is adjacent to it also provides you with other frequently-used controls such as image size and quality, AF and film simulation to name a few.


• It has great color modes and fantastic JPEG output
• As compared to members of its class, it has good RAW performance as well as ISO performance.
• Excellent ergonomics with weather sealing and robust outer build.
• Good single autofocus performance with relatively good continuous autofocus.
• The hybrid viewfinder is unique among its class members.
• The ‘My Menu’ option provides quicker access to frequently used controls.
• The film simulation modes provide great video shooting results.
• The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows faster sharing of images.
• The DR modes provide easier access to the sensor dynamic range.


• The video and other support features are not state-of-the-art.
• The lagging experienced during continuous autofocus tracking is the greatest among its class.
• The Electronic viewfinder consumes the battery big time.
• It lacks a USB charging option, hence less convenient.
• The automatic ISO mode does not have a threshold dependent on the focal length.
• The Q menu restricts different exploration setting options.


As portrayed by this Fujifilm X-Pro2 review, the camera is cutting edge and worthwhile. It will certainly appeal to photographers who like the modern-retro looks. If you work well with viewfinder mirrorless cameras, then this is the perfect tool for your professional photography career. However, it is rather pricey as compared to the other APS-C sensor cameras in the market today.


The Fujifilm X-Pro2 mirrorless rangefinder camera boasts an excellent processor speed and image quality, making it a great tool for an enthusiast and semi-pro photographers. After reviewing its flagship features compared to other viewfinder mirrorless cameras, it can be branded an excellent enthusiast camera. If you are comfortable with the slightly high price, then this is the camera for you. If you already own one, share your experience with us.