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11 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Shots & Selfies

Mobile phones are powerful photography tools, especially when you know how to take great pictures with an iPhone. To get excellent results, you will have to learn the basics of iPhone photography like the perfect camera settings and configurations. Getting a sophisticated DSLR may not do the trick for most people depending on their photography skills. In this article, we will give you 11 of the best iPhone photography tips starting with few camera tweaks and continuing with the actual techniques of taking photos.

This way you will be guaranteed of eye-catching photographs like never before. Now, here’s how to take better iPhone pictures.

1. Clean Your Camera Lens

This is the initial most vital of the iPhone photography tips discussed here. Depending on how you store your iPhone, the camera may pick up dust or fluff from your pocket or handbag. The result of that could be blurry or noisy pictures, despite your high-resolution lens. Therefore, have a soft cloth for wiping the lens before going out on a shooting expedition.

2. Use Your iPhone’s Built-in Editing Features to Compose Your Image

The grid feature can allow you get more characters in a comprehensive picture. To enable it, go to the camera settings, pick on the Photos and camera and turn on the grid feature. You can go through the rule of third to get a better understanding of how to operate it. This is yet another tip geared towards teaching you how to take great pictures with iPhone.

11 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Shots & Selfies

3. Use of the Burst Mode

The burst mode involves taking several pictures in rapid succession to bring out a series of events. It usually produces some of the breath-taking action shots people brag about in the social media. To perform this, simply hold down the iPhone camera’s shutter until the desired moment is past. You can then single out the best pictures while eradicating the blurry or out-of-focus images. For instance, a bird taking off can be captured in burst mode to produce different images in different angles.

4. Choose the Back Camera over the Front or Selfie Camera

Usually, the back camera is always of higher resolution in the different iPhone versions. Therefore, each chance you get to shoot with the back camera, use it for superior resolution photographs. That is, especially in the low light conditions. This hint is among the basic tips for iPhone photography for starting photographers.

5. Keep the Photos Simple

It is common for most beginner photographers to crowd their pictures with several points of focus. This way the attention of the viewer is drawn to several portions of the image at the same time. Keep your photos simple by creating a surreal and harmonious composition in your pictures. Among the iPhone photography tips, this one is more advanced and will need some work before you can master it. Single out a subject while increasing the negative space to come up with a captivating photograph on your iPhone. Click here for Eye-catching abstract photos reveal mining’s scars on our planet.

6. Vary Your Shooting Techniques

It is important to consider other shooting techniques other than the regular shot from the chest height. You can significantly improve your pictures by finding different shooting perspectives such as considering a lower angle. The lower angle technique has three major effects on your photos. It will allow the viewer to see the world in an intriguing way. Second, using the sky as your background is a creative way of making your subject stand out. The third importance is that it allows you to capture key aspects of the foreground.

11 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Shots & Selfies

7. Show Depth in Your Pictures

These iPhone photography tips could be either tactical or mental. Bringing out the depth in your shots is a mental skill that will guarantee you more appealing iPhone photographs. When dealing especially in landscape photography, it is important to convey depth in a manner that captures the viewer’s focus into the scene. To create depth, you can employ leading lines such as roads, railway tracks, ripples on the water surface and water edges in the beach.

8. Use the Shortcut for the iPhone Camera

Moving away from the technique-oriented iPhone photography tips, some widgets could help better your iPhone photography such as the camera shortcut. You can quickly access the camera if you need to take an instantaneous shot without having first to unlock your iPhone, via the shortcut. Just swipe up on the camera icon on the lock screen to utilize this feature. While on another application, you can do the same by just swiping from the bottom to the launch control center, then tapping on the camera icon to get your iPhone camera ready for action.

9. Adjust the Focus of the Photo in the Camera Viewer

It is one of the simplest among the photography tips for iPhone. While viewing the object, you can tap on the screen of your iPhone to focus and enhance on a particular subject. Tapping the screen also allows you to change the lighting of the image. This way you will produce sharp and detailed images. The above iPhone photo tips will help you unlock the real powers of the iPhone camera.

10. Experiment with the Various Shooting Modes Apple has to Offer

In the iPhone, there are several default camera modes for picture taking such as panorama, square and photo. Therefore, depending on the purpose of the image you need to make, it is important to pick the most appropriate to avoid further editing that could be prevented in the first place. Get more information on

11. Try out some of the Third Party Photo Apps

These apps have the permission from Apple to play a role in improving the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure among others. They may work well with your operating system to add an edge to the photographs you produce via your iPhone. You can also add these apps to your dock for quick accessibility, as a way of going about the fact that these apps cannot be assigned a camera shortcut.

12. Hold the iPhone with Both Hands for Extra Stability

Blurred photos can be very artistic, but the result rarely is satisfactory if the burred effect is not intentional. Hold the phone with the left hand and use the right hand to control the shutter. To further decrease the chances of a photo coming out blurry when you are aiming for a clear picture, we also advise you to gently release the button to minimize shaking and have some extra control while the phone snaps the picture. Click here to get information about Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera.


These iPhone photography tips are quite handy for any amateur photographer that wants to up their style and create stunning compositions.