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Ricoh’s Pentax 645Z camera ups the ante when it comes to unrivaled photographic and videographic quality. This powerful camera features an impressive range that lets you capture shots from afar as well as filtering and resolution capabilities that make up close shots crystal clear and well-defined. While sold as a premium professional grade camera, the Pentax 645Z gives you a solid return on your investment if you want a camera that lets you take hundreds of photos and videos without the hassle of transferring data or recharging. Find out makes the Pentax 645Z the envy of the photography and videograph industry with this informative Pentax 645Z review.


Curious to know if the Pentax 645Z will help you take your photography or videography to the next level? Find out about all of the camera from the Pentax 645Z lenses to how big the actual camera by checking out these specifications.

Type: Digital SLR with built-in flash and LCD body
Resolution: 51.4 MP

  • Native ISO: 100 – 12,500
  • Extended ISO: 100 – 204,800

Shutter Speed: up to 1/4000 to 30 seconds
Continuous Shouting Rate: 3 frames per second
Size: 4.61 x 4.84 x 6.14 inches
Weight: 3.42 pounds
Media Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card, Eye-Fi card, FLUCARD, UHS-I compatible
Pricing Options:



The Pentax 645Z is the first camera of its kind to be made by Ricoh. While it has no camera predecessors within the brand or on the market, it does share its sensors with devices like the Phase IQ250 and the Hasselblad H5Dc.

The Pentax 645Z first hit the market in April 2014 and immediately raised the attention of photographers, videographers, and industry insiders with its innovative design and unmatched technological capabilities and speed. It is one of the fastest professional grade digital cameras available today. It also is compatible with Ricoh’s Pentax FLU memory cards so that users can enjoy tethered wireless function. Also checkout about Abstract Photography.


The 645Z features some of the best photographic technology that lets it outperform most other digital markets for sale today. It comes with auto focus technology that includes contrast detect sensor, phase detect, select single point, face detection, and live view. It also has an impressive 103700 display resolution as well as a three inch camera display.

The 645Z likewise has image stabilization capabilities and lets you take up to 650 photos within the span of a single battery life. Its built-in flash has several settings that range from flash on, red eye reduction, and slow synchronization. The camera can also be manually focused if you prefer that level of customization.


In addition to its innovative technology, the 645Z camera is designed for easy, fast, and fun use. Weighing just a bit more than three pounds, it measures little more than four by four by six inches, making it compact and easily portable. It also has a comfortable ergonomic design that maximizes handling.

Moreover, the 645Z comes with accessories that help it perform better and last longer. You get extras like a rechargeable lithium battery as well as USB cords and battery chargers so that you can start using your camera right away.



The 645Z Pentax from Ricoh offers you several unique to enhance taking pictures and videos. These advantages include:

  • Excellent resolution capabilities
  • Affordable medium format sensor
  • Affordable lenses for easy replacement or interchanging
  • High-quality RAW imaging
  • Sturdy magnesium alloy body
  • CMOS photo and optical sensor technology
  • Excellent viewfinder capabilities
  • Weather and dust sealed for your camera’s protection
  • Optional GPS capabilities


As innovative and powerful as the 645Z camera is, it has a few detractors of which you should be aware. These less desirable facets include:

  • Slow AF
  • Heavy weight
  • Not waterproof
  • Not WiFi compatible
  • Poor ISO support
  • Significantly pricier than other SLR digital cameras


The 645Z from Pentax comes highly recommended for photographers and videographers who want a powerful ISO digital camera that can capture crystal clear and detailed images. With its fast shutter speed and long range, it is ideal for using for both live subjects and still shots. It also is a great digital camera for capturing well-defined and clear live action shots. Wedding photographers and photographers who specialize in taking beauty photos give this camera high reviews for its clarity and reliable performance.

The camera is not recommended for photographers or videographers who work in disagreeable outdoor conditions because of the camera’s lack of waterproofing. People who need WiFi capabilities also may not find this camera to be of much use to them. While the battery life allows you to take upwards of 650 photos, the battery itself may need to be charged at least once every 24 hours.


Ricoh’s 645Z Pentax digital camera is truly in a league of its own among professional grade cameras. It is capable of taking detailed and sharp images and video that offer a clarity not found with other cameras for sale today. It also is ergonomically designed for easy handling and portability.

As innovative as it is, however, it is sold at premium prices that some fledgling or cash-strapped photographers and videographers may find difficult to accommodate. It also has no built-in WiFi capabilities, which automatically puts the camera behind some of its counterparts that let users connect to open WiFi hotspots.