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Top 20 Coolest Photoshop Textures

Photoshop textures are a wonderful way in which you can make your photos more interesting. You’ve probably noticed that many photos have a special “feel” to them, ranging from a vintage air to a futuristic look, which makes them all the more appealing. In most of these case, a texture was probably used in Photoshop.

Top 20 Coolest Photoshop Textures

The texture itself is an image which, by using Photoshop, you can overlay and blend with your initial picture in order to create a cool effect. This very often makes the difference between mediocre images and great images, as Photoshop textures give you endless creative possibilities in which to produce wonderful images.

To this end, we’ve selected a number of really cool Photoshop textures, which you can also download directly with a simple click. Here they are:

20. Dark green Wooden Texture

A great Photoshop texture for building cold-colored images and for blending elements from different pictures. The dark green tones will resonate with a deeply natural setting you might want to create in your final work. This texture will also serve as a wonderful background for event brochures or magazines which might have a related theme.

19. Mountain Stone Texture

A beautiful and intricate Photoshop texture, it will serve as a great additional element for pictures combining landscapes with detailed elements of the natural environment. The subtle dark gray color will blend perfectly with the light green moss to create a nice chromatic balance.

Top 20 Coolest Photoshop Textures

18. Salt Lick Texture

The unique shapes created by salt crystals can be put to good use in various types of pictures, especially if you want to create a dark, slightly spooky feel, for your picture. The light colors also blend in very well with a wide chromatic palette which might be included in your original picture.

17. Old Brick Texture

The brick texture is a highly versatile photoshop element which you can use for a wide variety of materials and editing, from book covers to website backgrounds and other custom images. Its simplicity and its rather simple range of colors make it a must-have photoshop texture, ready to use at any time.

16. Lichen Texture

The rocky lichen Photoshop texture is another must-have if you’re doing  lots of creative work in Photoshop on a regular basis. The main advantage of this texture is its compatibility with almost any original picture. The irregular shape of the rock, alongside the lichen growths, create a sense of crumbled paper, thus making it an ideal choice for vintage printable items which should give the impression of wear and tear.

15. Renewal Texture

The renewal texture for Photoshop is defined by its simplicity and its chromatic power. As such, it is a good choice for marketing and website design projects which have a concept based on the concept of “less is more”. Its minimalist tendencies are clearly visible, and using such as texture can be a good starting point for discovering how to use minimalist photography to enhance your visual marketing.

14. Painted Walls Texture

The painted wall photoshop background is a great choice for editing portraits and for giving them a “grunge” look. It will also give pictures a nice vintage look, perfect for making a collection album. In addition, you will also be able to use this texture for a wide variety of website design themes.

Top 20 Coolest Photoshop Textures

13. Old Cottage Texture

If you’re looking to give your photos an old, shabby, look, then the old cottage photoshop texture is something you might want to use. A  nice texture for any photoshop project touching on this theme.

12.Autumn Leaves Texture

Autumn leaves have always held a deep symbolism and will give any picture a nostalgic, or even sad, feel. However, autumn is also a time of plenty and of new beginnings. As such, using this texture is a great idea for both types of autumn-related themes. If the latter is favored over the former, it also becomes a suitable texture for editing romantic, or sentimental, photos.

11. Grungy Spring Texture

This Photoshop texture is defined by a strong feel of sadness and nostalgia, despite Spring being the season in question. The raindrops and foggy landscape will give your photos a strong melancholic atmosphere and will be the ideal option for a nostalgic photo album.

10. Fanned Cobblestone Texture

Create great website and brochure themes with the cobblestone photoshop texture. Companies with a urban-oriented visual identity will definitely consider this texture for at least some of its marketing materials.

9. Mountain Texture

The mountain photoshop texture is one of the best choices for creating vintage photos. The vintage alpenstock photos come to mind when looking at this texture. It will thus allow you to turn your travel pictures into pieces of photographic art.

8. Cracked Wall Texture

A cool photoshop texture you can use for all kinds of websites and themes. The versatility of this theme comes from its chromatic simplicity, which is defined by a light brown nuance. This will allow you to easily blend the texture with other images, or to use it for website backgrounds.

7. Rock Texture

The rock texture is a classic photoshop item you should have, and it comes in handy for all sorts of editing and putting together creative imagery. The main advantage presented by this texture is its suitability with a number of different themes, ranging from business websites to promotional websites.

6. Stone Brick Texture

One of the best Photoshop textures for portraits, due to the high color contrast between the background wall and the photo’s subject. In addition, you can also use this texture to create complex blended photos.

5. Grungy Cracked Texture

A beautiful texture, that stands out through its dreamy shades of blue and green. It can be successfully used in order to give your work an oceanic touch. It can also be used in blended photos for creating cracked surfaces on any object.

4. Foggy Water Texture

Top 20 Coolest Photoshop Textures

Foggy water textures are great for creating blurry, abstract or even surrealist images. Combine it with elements from your original picture to create a mind-blowing visual experience for your viewers. Of all photoshop textures, the one that leans most towards the abstract.

3. Sprayed Wall Texture

The sprayed wall texture is the perfect choice for an entertainment website or simply for giving your own pictures a rebellious feel. If you want to make your photos look like they were taken in the late 80’s, this is the best texture to use.

2. Grungy Ground Texture

One of the most beautiful photoshop textures, it can be used for almost anything, from website themes to special photography editing. The strong yellow nuances make for a perfect contrast with the light gray, thus bringing serious aesthetic added value to any photograph on which you will apply the texture.

1. Rusty Metal Texture

An exquisite photoshop texture, its beauty is matched only by its suitability for usage in the most varied of themes. A good graphics designer can use this theme for anything from law firm websites to blogs and ads.

Photoshop Textures – Bottom Line

Beautiful and versatile, these photoshop textures can be readily used to transform ordinary images into great works of photographic art.