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Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

The senior year of high school is one of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life. They’re still in the safety of home but on the brink of exploring the world for the first time. A big part of this time and the best way to commemorate this exciting year is a great set of senior photos. It’s difficult to find the perfect shot, location, outfit—so we’re here to help you decide on some great senior pictures ideas.

Location, Location, Location

There are a million location options as you run through your senior pictures ideas. You can still have the shots taken in a studio with solid or superimposed backgrounds, or you can go exploring. We recommend picking a place that’s near and dear to your heart. Think about where your teenager spends her time. Someplace special will flood her with positive emotions when she looks back on the pictures decades from now.


This is where you can get creative. There may be a piece of land or a landmark that your daughter passes every day on the way to school that always catches her eye, or the field where your son plays baseball, where he goes to think, or the path they walk the family’s dog; all can be great, emotionally soothing places to get senior picture ideas.

If you live next to a botanical garden, a nature preserve, or national park, you have a built-in background for captivating shots. Also, think about what your teen is known for. Are they a sports star, drama kid, musician or super shopper? Anywhere they partake in their favorite school or extra-curricular activity can be a fun location for senior picture ideas.

Personality Locations

What place best fits your senior’s personality? Some bubbly personalities might be perfect for an amusement park or brightly colored ball pit. Here are more personality types and locations that could be a perfect fit:

  • Sensitive—field of flowers or beach
  • Adventurous—hiking trail, mountains
  • Funny—amusement park, toy store
  • Book worm—library, bookstore
  • Leader—state capitol, boardroom

You can find a location to fit any personality trait your kid would like to feel close to preferably, some place that will be looked back on fondly and will want to be remembered.

Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

How to Choose Your Pose

Ah yes, the infamous pose. Things have come a long way from the hand on the chin pose although that’s still available. Poses should express the quirkiness of your teen and what sets them apart from the rest of their class. Poses should also be very comfortable and not look forced or unnatural.

Poses can be anything any facial expression, body position or action. People are choosing any of the following for poses:

  • Laughing
  • Jumping
  • Laying down or sitting in a favorite place
  • Looking over the shoulder
  • Eating
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Riding a bike
  • Behind the wheel of their car

The possibilities are endless. Have your kids come up with ideas and go through their options to find the most workable. Poses can be serious, tongue in cheek, whimsical or straight up hilarious—whatever fits your senior.

Part of feeling comfortable has to do with the clothes they wear. They should pick something that’s not crazily stylized, so they don’t look back with a ton of regret—hello parachute pants! They can wear their varsity jacket, cheerleading uniform, a graduation robe (you can ask for one), the sweatshirt of the college they’re going to or a shirt with their face on it. Just make sure they’re comfortable and feel good in what they wear.

12 Senior Pictures Ideas

1. The Friend Idea

We all know those kids that were inseparable in school. If yours is part of that pairing, they may want this as one of their senior pictures ideas. It’s sweet when you think about it and says a lot about the bonds they’ve formed in school. Be sure to get one or two of your senior by themselves to commemorate the individual effort put in to get themselves to graduation.

This can also be done with more than two—a trio or group.  This can be a good way for parents to split the cost of photos if all kids want to get group shots.

2. Graduation Year

Kids can get creative here. Some kids will write the last two years of their graduation year on their index finger and flash a peace sign while others will write two of the four graduation year numbers on the bottom of each shoe while they relax with their feet crossed. You can’t go wrong with this one. Other places to flash graduation years:

  • Chalkboard
  • Earrings
  • Sunglass lenses
  • Large, empty picture frame framing the graduate’s face
  • Written on the ball of the sport they play
Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

3. Sports and More Sports

If your kid is a sports star, there are several cool senior picture ideas. One is to have them lace together all their different sport’s shoes and hang them on a branch, bench or wall in front of them. If it’s one sport they play, you can have them lay down with a circle of that sport’s balls around them. They can even walk away holding a pom-pom, football or helmet—signifying leaving one thing and taking it, or the memory, with them.

4. I Used to Be Small

Get a great childhood photo of your kid dressed in an outfit that can be replicated -if they can do it and not die of embarrassment. Have them hold the picture toward the camera so we get to see the little version being held by the almost grown-up version. It’s sentimental and poignant.

Another cute idea, if they’re close with a younger sibling, is to have the senior hold a sign that says “I’m done” standing next to the younger sibling who holds a sign that says “I’m not”.

5. Animal Lover

Whether your kid is a cat, dog, horse or mouse person, letting them pose with their favorite furry friend will forever capture the special bond they have with their animal. It speaks to the heart of the teen to love an animal enough to freeze the friendship in time.

6. High School Pride

High school will be one of the best memories of their lives. They may want to pose with the school’s mascot or flag if there is one. They may want to wear their school colors on a t-shirt or even paint their face for a round of photos. It’s a great way to memorialize their school pride.

7. College Pride

Most kids know where they’re going to college in the fall and they’re excited about it. They can order a t-shirt or sweatshirt from their soon to be alma mater and wear that with pride. Some clever kids will patch together two shirts one side is their high school and the other their college.

8. Exhale

These are action poses and are fun senior pictures ideas. The senior holds in their hands, glitter or confetti and blows while the photographer snaps away. They can also do this while blowing bubbles, letting sand fall from their hands or blowing out candles. Another metaphor for leaping into the next chapter.

9. And the Winner Is…

There are many awards given out throughout a high school career and if your kid is one of the talented kids who has won his fair share, he can pose with all of them. This can be a great way to showcase the hard work he’s put in for four years and the accomplishments that will take him into the future.

Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

10. I’m So Excited

Let your senior show how excited they are to be graduating. Let them jump high, throw a graduation cap, laugh, tear up a (fake) textbook—whatever they want to do to show they did it and they’re excited. Some kids will do cartwheels, flips or splits to show how happy they are to be graduating.

11. Music, Professor!

Let your senior show how excited they are to be graduating. Let them jump high, throw a graduation cap, laugh, tear up a (fake) textbook—whatever they want to do to show they did it and they’re excited. Some kids will do cartwheels, flips or splits to show how happy they are to be graduating.

12. I’m Outta Here

This is the most popular of senior pictures ideas. A lot of kids like to declare “I’m done!” They can say this with a chalkboard, sign, t-shirt or the underside of a graduation cap. However your teen wants to say “adios” to high school, this is really fun. Pairing this idea with almost any other of our suggestions works as a fun complement.


High school is a time and place we all remember. Great senior pictures only come out of great senior picture ideas. Brainstorm ideas, play with poses, take amateur shots to get an idea of what will work for your student. Once they’ve settled into some senior picture ideas, have them consult with their photographer who will also have great ideas that can complement the student’s thoughts.

We still have a lot of the senior pictures of our friends and classmates all these years later. Let your student have fun with these senior pictures ideas and you’ll have great memories to look back on for years to come.