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    Canon PowerShot SX620 Review

    If you are looking into cameras, whether DSLR, SLR, or point and shoot, you have likely noticed that there are a lot of options out there. Each model you look at probably has something different or unique to offer, so finding the right camera for you has become a battle of compromise and prioritization. Our goal here is to clarify models like the Canon Powershot SX620 and its competitors, so you can know exactly where they stand in terms of what you are looking for. Trying to find a camera that has the right balance of what you need in terms of features, specs, and budget can be quite a long night’s worth…

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    Canon releases yet another mid-range cutting edge camera, the Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS which boast of ground-breaking features at the lowest price ever. The camera falls between the IXUS and the ELPH line-up of compact cameras. It is a high-performance point-and-shoot camera that is known today for its great aesthetics and sleek design. However, its qualities go beyond just the looks as it is among the first compact cameras to be made Wi-Fi enabled for faster image file transfer. It has excellent image quality but with the revolution of the smartphones with amazing cameras, is it worth a shot? We’ll find that out in this detailed Canon Powershot ELPH…

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    Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless: Our Honest Review

    In this review, we will discuss the Canon EOS M50. As cameras continue to advance and grow, one of the more talked about, and futuristic models of camera styles is the mirrorless camera. Put simply, this style bypasses the traditional system of having the shutter act as a mirror to reflect what your photo composition is to your eyepiece and instead runs a digital feed to an electronic viewfinder or to the main screen. This option inherently decreases the necessary size for mirrorless cameras while offering luminance and control qualities for photo review that regular DSLR cameras just do not have. For many years, this mark has largely been dominated…

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